11. The golden sheet and the curse of Agerre

In the past Gentiles lived in Jentilbaratza. Many nights they went down to the homestead Agerre to play cards, until the rooster sang at dawn.

On one occasion the owner of Agerre became ill and went to the church to receive the sacraments. When the Gentiles found out, even if they were not Christians, they brought down the golden bedsheet to Agerre and made the bed with it so that the sick would receive the holy sacraments.

It seems that Agerre wanted to keep the golden sheet and nailed it to bed and even forced the rooster to sing.

When the Gentiles heard the crowing of the cock, they pulled off the sheet and ran away, but a piece of the linen was stuck to the bed and the Gentiles cast a curse: that while Agerre was Agerre in that house there would be no shortage of diseases or disabilities. And since then there has always been someone sick in Agerre.


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