In Ataun you will find good rocks to practice this sport, but in order to protect the fauna and vegetation of these rocks, some climbing areas are currently closed. On the walls of Sarastarri, for example, climbing is prohibited, even on the edge of the Dome of Ataun, except in the area of the Jentilbaratza Climbing School. In this popular space of great history you will find walls from III+ to 8a, that is, the Jentilbaratza is an ideal place for both beginners and experienced climbers. Below you can see the PDF and the school technical sheet (Federación Guipuzcoana de Montaña).

School characteristics

Type of rock: Limestone
Type of equipment: Chemicals and parabolts
Number of tracks: 118
Maximum and minimum height 20 – 100 m
Maximum and minimum difficulty: III+ / 8a
Descent: Neglect, rapel and walk.
Orientation: South, East
UTM 30N ETRS89 X coordinates: 567691 Y: 4761306
Comments: The proximity of the quarry does not affect the beauty of the area. You can scale long-distance lengths.

Near the well-known Jentilbaratza wall above the old quarry is a small school called “kantera”. In this site you will find the simplest lengths.

Another option would be to climb the edge of Jentilbaratza. This is an attractive edge with a maximum difficulty in V degree, certainly one of the most known in the Basque Country.

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