The Ataun dome

The Dome of Ataun has a great referentiality for the ataundarrak. In addition to its great presence in our daily lives, the intangible heritage related to the Dome is still alive in our village.

This relationship is based on the rocks that form the Dome. The Dome of Ataun is declared a place of geological interest because it is as curious as it is valuable. Through the different resources offered, we invite you to know the creation of the Dome and its heritage.


With this brief and simple tour, besides obtaining basic notions of hydrogeology, we will know the relationships between rocks and water. We will also have the opportunity to discover the spring of Aiaiturrieta and its secrets. Finally, you can visit the cave of Ubeizulo. No difficulty: addressed to the public. From the neighborhood of Aia: […]


The circular of Olata surrounds the mountain remaining between the cannons opened by the Kobatxo streams and Aitzarte on the ridge of the Dome. In addition, it offers us the opportunity to know the spring of Erremedio, located inside the Dome, and make a small snack in its recreational area. Throughout this journey we will […]


This short and simple tour, without the need to climb to the top of Atxurbide, offers the possibility of interpreting the landscape of the Dome and the relief of Ataun. Because you can climb up the road to the highest point of the route, we can say that it is a suitable plan for people […]


Mount Atxurbide is outside the Dome of Ataun, but it is one of the ideal places to observe this peculiar geological structure. On the climb and on top of Atxurbide, the panorama of the Dome is spectacular. The circular route proposed describes the keys to interpret the relief of the Dome and Ataun. Low difficulty: […]


This journey, bordering the southern slope of the Dome of Ataun, reaches the highest summit of this unique structure, Mount Agautz. The access path coincides with the GR-20 itinerary. In this exit, besides observing and studying the various rocks of the area, you can interpret the relief of the Dome and enjoy a perfect panorama […]

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