Natural heritage

Aralar Natural Park

Ataun is a large town with a mountainous orography. Given the importance of its natural heritage, 75% of the total extension of 58.4 km2 of Ataun is located within the Aralar Natural Park, declared a Special Conservation Area of the Natura 2000 Network. The rich geography of the municipality of Ataun allows the existence of […]

Flora and fauna

There are many species of fauna and flora that can be found in this rugged relief, full of contrasts. As for vegetation, beech forests are the largest forests in Ataun. In some areas of the Dome, in the Marumendi area and in the area from Lizarrusti to Mount Aitxu, reach 36% of the municipality. The […]


The extension and orography of almost 60 km2 is very rich and has areas of high scenic value. As the municipality of Ataun extends between 180 and almost 1,000 meters of altitude, the high-mountain areas are combined with the rural landscape. We can find large forest areas, open grasses, canyons and rivers. Since it is […]

The Ataun Dome

The Ataun Dome is one of the most unique structures from a geological point of view. The accumulation of different materials in the tropical sea millions of years ago caused the accumulation of calcareous rocks between clay rocks. When the Iberian plate collided with the European plate, all these materials began to deform and rise. […]


The Agauntza River is born in Ataun and poured its waters into the Oria River in Beasain. This river, which is born in the area of Lizarrusti and runs through the 15 kilometres of Ataun, collects the waters of many streams. With regard to water, in addition to the importance of the aquifers of the […]

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