Lizarrusti parketxea

Services: inn, bar, restaurant and the Aralar Interpretation Centre. Rest area: Tables, drinking fountain, play area…
Tel.: 943582069 / 699672575

Aldarretazpikoa nekazalturismoa

Otamotx aldea, 6.
Capacity: 8 persons. 4 double rooms with bathroom. Kitchen for clients.
Tel.: 943 18 03 66

Bars and restaurants

Troskaeta taberna

Elbarrena 59, San Martin auzoa.
Canapés and sandwiches.
Tel.: 943 18 00 37

Taberna Bitor Jatetxea

Elbarrena 71, San Martin auzoa.
Bar. Set menus, special menus and à la carte menu. Private rooms for celebrations.
Tel.: 943 18 00 33

Urbieta Erretegia


Rafaelenea Taberna

Arrondo auzoa, 12.


Martintxo ogigune

elbarrena 22

Bakery, bar and other services (groceries, newspaper…)

Tel.: 943180167

Sutegi Taberna

San Gregorio auzoa, 16.
Bar and other services (bread, newspapers, groceries).
Tel.: 943 18 03 54

Urbitarte Sagardotegia

Ergoiena auzoa, 6.
Own cider
Tel.: 943 18 01 19

Places of interest

Aralar Parke Naturaleko Interpretazio Zentroa

Lizarrusti Information Centre.
Services: Inn, bar and restaurant…
Tel.: 943 58 20 69 / 699 67 25 75

The baroque organ

The San Martín de Tours Church.
Tel.: 943 18 00 11

The J.M. Barandiaran Mythology Museum

The Larruntza Mill.
Summer Timetable:
· Monday: closed.
· From Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00-14:00 | 16:00-19:00
· Sunday: 10:00-14:00
Tel.: 943 18 03 35

Rest areas


Services: Tables, drinking fountain and recreational area.


Services: Tables, drinking fountain and shelter.


Services: Tables and drinking fountain.



The towns of the Goierri area.

Tel.: 943 88 59 69

Estellesa S.A.

San Sebastián – Logroño.

Tel.: 943 47 01 15

Transportes PESA

Pamplona – Eibar.

Tel.: 902 10 12 10


In Ataun there are rocks and crags that are suitable for practising this sport but climbing is limited to certain places with a view to preserving the flora and fauna of the area. For example, climbing is forbidden on the face walls of Sastarri and the Dome of Ataun, unless carried out with the Aitzarte Climbing School. The school is situated in the area known as Dome of Ataun de Aitzarte. Apart from on the Jentilbaratza face wall, climbing is practised in Aizkoate, Aizkorrandi, Intzartzu and other geological structures (III-7b+). Although climbing can be practised throughout the year, in Aizkorrandi it is restricted and only allowed from July to November as it is an area where vultures and other protected birds shelter and mate. Altogether, there are 250 routes open and they are of varying degrees of difficulty. The best-known areas are Jentilbaratza, Aizkoate and Aizkorrandi.

Later information has been provided by Gorka Obeso and Txingu Arrieta, Authors of “Gipuzkoako Eskalada Gida” (A Guide to Climbing in Gipuzkoa).

  • Type of rock: Limestone
  • Maximum height of the routes: 100 metres. Average: 30 metres Min./max. difficulty: V/7c

There are certain restrictions on the practice of climbing depending on the area.

Jentilbaratza-Aizkoate: No restrictions.


Ataun offers potholers many opportunities as there are many caves listed in the town. They may be of two types of karstic systems: active or inactive. Those which are active are related with the path made by the action of water. The caves of Marumendi, Malkorburu and Alleku, and Ubegi and Malkorburu belong to this group. However, the inactive systems, which have arisen by means of a process of karstification and systems that, at present, hope to hide erosion and are full of stalactites and stalagmites. The majority of the caves in the Dome of Ataun belong to this group.

As we have said, in Ataun there is an abundance of caves and in many of them there are vestiges of the presence of human beings from 5, 000 years ago: Usategi, Lisurita (eaten away due to the exploitation of the quarry), Pikandieta, Kobazar, Amontaitz, etc .

The Troskaeta Cave is one of the best known in Ataun. It is one kilometre long and has a beautiful water well at the end. It is believed that this cave was a shelter or a cemetery for bears of the Ursus Spelaeus species from 20,000 years ago as the bones of two bears, which are at present in the Zorroaga Museum in Donostia-San Sebastian, were found here. Because of its importance, this cave is signposted.

Another well-known cave is the Sarastarri cave. It can be found in the beech grove on Mount Sarastarri, quite near to the peak and above the Lareo reservoir. The most attractive element is the natural well inside. It is one of the most beautiful caves in the Southern Basque Country. It is also home to the mythological legend of the Lady of Sarastarri.

Bearing in mind that potholing is an activity that must be carried out in a group, it is recommended that it should be practised with an experienced group, taking all the necessary safety measures and using all the proper material .

Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing are a deep-rooted tradition in the town because it has always been necessary to hunt and fish in Ataun. Many people from neighbouring towns make their way to the banks of the River Agauntza.

During the fishing season, the common trout, eel, nase and gudgeon can be caught but it is not permitted to fish everywhere; in certain spots fishing is forbidden. However, in the Lareo reservoir, fishing permits are raffled out once a week and you can fish up to a certain amount. Also, fishing tournaments are organised from time to time.

As far as hunting is concerned, there are many hunting stations in the mountains between Ataun and Idiazabal, where pigeons and song thrushes can be hunted. Outside the hunting stations, it is permitted to hunt woodcocks.

Wild boars are also hunted and chases are organised under the supervision of a forest ranger.

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Cross country horse riding

Taking advantage of the surrounding countryside, another service we offer is that of cross country horse riding. The Alarpe riding club, situated in Lazkaomendi, offers excursions on horseback that last all morning.

The riding club is situated next to the road that joins Ordizia and Lazkao by Lazkaomendi.

For further information:

943 88 05 76 edo 608 67 68 73 (cell phone)

Sports facilities

The pelota courts with a roof situated in the three districts are the most noteworthy sports facilities in Ataun.

Furthermore, there is an all-purpose asphalt track near the school; during the holidays a net is usually put up for playing tennis.