Erroipe interpretation center

It is an interpretation center created by popular initiative in the Aia neighborhood. This project, launched in 2023, was born with the objective of making known the treasures of the Aia neighborhood in Ataun. It offers various resources to publicize the heritage of the area.


Aia is a quiet neighborhood located in a mountainous area, the neighborhood has a spectacular landscape. It is part of the Aralar Natural Park, on the south side of the Ataun Dome. Its location makes Aia a privileged place, as it is a place of great landscape value and natural heritage. Despite being a very sparsely populated neighborhood, it retains a rich historical-cultural heritage.

What can we see?

At the interpretation center, on the one hand, we can see the culture and history of Aia and Ataun. It contains information on the origin of the neighborhood, the history of the dwellings, the evolution of the old professions, the toponymy of the neighborhood, etc. As for the natural heritage, both the trees and shrubs of the area will be known, as well as the images and videos of the surrounding wildlife. In addition, information is provided on the routes to get to know the place.


From Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00. Outside this time, groups can visit with notice.


Phone : 943 06 19 63

E-mail: erroipe@ataun.eus

Contact with: Txema, Coordinator of the center.

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