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The route of the requetes

The route of the requetes

The park keeper's house in Lizarrusti › the Lareo reservoir › the Agautz peak › the Bedamaburu peak › the Ikarandieta peak › San Martín Square

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This walk is a repetition of the route taken by the requetes of Navarre in 1936, during the National Uprising, to take Ataun. It begins in Lizarrusti and finishes in San Martín Square, opposite the Town Hall. It takes approximately 6 hours and takes us through many beauty spots in Ataun.

  • Altura min.: 200 m.
  • Altura max.: 975 m.
  • Desnivel: 513 m. 878 m.
  • Distancia: 17,1 km.
  • Tiempo: 5-6 h.
  • Dificultad: