Oinezko ibilbidea

Gentils 1st step

Gentils 1st step

San Martín Square › Arantzazumendi › the Atxurbide peak › the Aietsu peak › the Areatza peak › the Intsusburu peak › the Irumugata peak › The park keeper's house in Lizarrusti

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This is a long walk of about 6 hours which crosses Ataun from one side to the other as well as the border between provinces. It begins in San Martín and finishes in Lizarrusti. As we go through the beech grove, we will see the dolmens or houses of the gentiles. It is a very uneven path and you need to be fit to do it.

  • Altura min.: 150 m.
  • Altura max.: 982 m.
  • Desnivel: 1473 m. 995 m.
  • Distancia: 24,51 km.
  • Tiempo: 6 h.
  • Dificultad: