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Gentils 2nd step

Gentils 2nd step

Lizarrusti › Iraio Hill › the Lareo reservoir › the Agautz peak› the Aldats fountain › the Intsusti fountain › the Kobaegi farmhouse › San Martín Square

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A long but pleasant walk that takes about 5 hours. It takes us from Lizarrusti to San Martín and crosses the border to the east. For most of the way, it is downhill, with the exception of the Alleko and Agauz peaks.

  • Altura min.: 205 m.
  • Altura max.: 974 m.
  • Desnivel: 566 m. 1003 m.
  • Distancia: 20,67 km.
  • Tiempo: 5 h.
  • Dificultad: